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how to get confident. Look here

'Get Confident' - Emotion Introduction Some of the most difficult situations we have to deal with are emotionally demanding - take conflict, negotiation and forming and sustaining relationships, for example. To deal with these situations you don't need to be constantly upbeat or ready to take on the world's problems, you just need to: Be aware of your own emotions and those of others. Use this awareness to express how you are feeling appropriately and anticipate the needs of others. This section of 'Get Confident' aims to help you develop these strengths. In this section you'll learn: Emotional confidence Information and an exercise to help you clarify your own emotions. Emotional coaching A questionnaire to help you think about how you respond to the emotions of others. Confrontation Tools and an exercise to help you think about how you handle conflict and negotiation in work and romance, and with the family. Consolidation exercise An exercise in negotiatio

How to avoid arguments

How to avoid arguments Many arguments occur for the wrong reasons and get out of hand easily. This checklist by relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall can help you to avoid rows - when you next feel a conflict brewing, just ask yourself these questions. Your feelings 1. Are you overreacting because you're tired and stressed? 2. Could the anger you feel be at someone or something else? 3. Are you hormonal at the moment and feeling unusually irritable or sensitive? 4. Is your mood being affected by illness? Your partner's feelings 1. Could your partner be overreacting because they're tired or stressed? 2. Do you know that they're currently feeling angry about something else? 3. Is your partner either struggling with health issues or being affected by hormonal changes? Your conscience 1. Are you feeling defensive about what your partner has said or done because you feel guilty? 2. Could you be feeling defensive because you want to avoid having to say you're sorry? 3